Hall of Residence

There’re two halls of residence for foreign students.

       The hall of residence is located in the equipped region of the capital, adjoining a large park (Izmaylovsky Park). There’s “Izmaylovskaya” metro station in 5-8 minutewalk from the hall of residence. It takes 30-40 minutes to get from the residence hall to the University main building by metro. The cost of the month metro ticket is 350 rub. (approximately 10 USD). There’s a library, student canteen, café, storage chamber in the hall of residence. The hall of residence has a corridor system. Each floor has:

- eight living rooms of 17 square meters with a small balcony;
- three sinks;
- three toilets;
- one bathroom;
- one shower;
- one kitchen with two natural gas stoves and one refrigerator.

There is also another hall of residence included to the University complex. There’s “Baumanskaya” metro station, a park, a sports complex and some stores in 5-10 minute walk from the hall of residence. There’s a student canteen, stores and some leisure-activity centres there. The hall of residence has a unit system. There’re 12 double room units, 3 single room units, a kitchen with two electric stoves on each floor.
        A double room unit has a big room (20-22 m²) and a small room (10 m²), a toilet and a bathroom. A single room unit has a room of 10 m², a toilet and a bathroom.
        The following accommodation options are possible:
- a place in a double room of the double room unit, accommodation jointly with the other foreign students. Cost - 2 360, 2950 rubles per month (65 USD; 82 USD);
- a single room of the double room unit. Cost - 4 248, 5 074 rubles per month (118 USD; 141 USD);
- a single room unit. Cost - 6 372, 7 198 rubles per month (177 USD; 200USD).
        The difference in prices is connected with the room types and their furnishing. All the places of foreign citizens residence are under University security service.
        The University doesn’t take any responsibility if a foreign citizen stays at a private sector, hotel, etc.





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