University headquarters

Position Name Phone number
phone city code of Moscow: 499
Rector Anatoly A. Aleksandrov (499) 261-1743,
(499) 263-6522
First Vice Rector – Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Boris V. Padalkin (499) 261-7224,
(499) 263-6524
First Vice Rector – Vice Rector for Research Vladimir N. Zimin (499) 261-1746,
(499) 263-6523
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Yury B. Tsvetkov (499) 263-6958
Vice-Rector for Administrative Work Oleg L. Shakhverdov (499) 261-1745,
(499) 263-6525
Vice-Rector for Security Anatoly A. Yurkov (499) 263-6636
Vice-Rector for Economic Affairs and Innovations Evgeniy A. Starozhuk (499) 267-4438,
(499) 263-6730
Vice-Rector for Administrative and legal work Vladimir I. Stymkovskiy (499) 261-4055,
(499) 263-6042
Vice-Rector for informatization and modernization Boris N. Korobec (499) 261-1378
Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies Sergey V. Korshunov (499) 261-6719
Rector’s Assistant Anatoly S. Kolmykov (499) 261-5989
Rector’s Assistant Mikhayl D. Safonov (499) 261-5989
Fax (499) 267-4844
Information (499) 263-6391
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