June 30, 2013

The summit of the university heads of the Association of technical universities of Russia and China (ATURC) and the Second Congress of ATURC took place in Cindao (PRC)

The summit of the university heads of the Association of technical universities of Russia and China (ATURC) and the Second Congress of ATURC took place in Cindao (PRC)

The summit of the university heads of the Association of technical universities of Russia and China (ATURC) and the Second Congress of ATURC took place in Cindao (PRC) on June 25, 2013. Two years have passed since ATURC foundation in Shenzhen. It united the efforts of leading technical universities of two states to improve the content and quality of education, to develop joint scientific research, to expand the academic mobility of students and teachers of the universities - members of the Association, to build new centres and laboratories.
Good relationship between Russia and China has been an important factor of international stability, of economic development. It’s glad to know that lately we have been observing the steady growth of economic partnership, growth of liberal relationship in various fields of human activity. This fact is proved by the first foreign visit of the president of China, Mr. Ci Dzinpi, to Russia, his meeting and negotiations with the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who noted that "multi-faceted cooperation between Russia and China serves the vital interests of our nations and appears to be our deliberate historical choice".
Holding of the Summit and the Congress was timed to coincide with the opening of a new free economic area in China – ”Blue Silicon Valley” in Cindao. It will definitely help the scientific centres in Blue Silicon Valley to with the scientific laboratories in Russian universities, especially in BMSTU.
Firstly, 15 universities on both sides participated in the work of the Association. They represented both federal and national research universities and large local universities on Russian side.  ATURC founders were BMSTU and The Harbin Institute of Technology, which rectors are the permanent co-chairmen of the Association. The interest in ATURC activity is increasing, and during the Summit 5 more universities on either side were brought into the fold.
Governments of the two states pay great attention to the development of education in their countries and due to this fact the Association has done research in educational systems, their legal framework, and the forms of organization of academic activity. The joint publications about the development of professional education in Russia and China have become frequent. The most important fact that joint scientific research has gained the development: for instance, the project of BMSTU and HIT on composite materials. Engineering is not the only field of interest for our universities. There is a great interest in the history of Russian-Chinese relationship, the relationship between the universities, the lives of Russian citizens who found shelter in China after the Civil War in the early twenties of the previous century.
The development of nonscience connections and relationships, learning the culture, customs, historical and geographical features of each state for its citizens, especially for youth is a very important area of work. And the Association pays great attention to these aspects. “ATURC train of friendship” in October, 2012 was an example. More than 50 students and young teachers from 14 Chinese technical universities visited 10 technical universities and put on the lively concerts. Scientific workshops were held in every town and city; they were organized by the students who spoke about their universities and results of scientific projects.
ATURC pays great attention to the spread of interaction with the other authoritative associations of educational institutions in Russia and China. Thus during the summit agreements on joint activity with the Association of classical universities and the Association of technical universities, including in its composition about 140 Russian technical universities and universities of states of CIS since 1993. It is very important to establish working relationship with the Association of leading universities of China C9 and with the Association of leading universities of Russia. Such s will help our universities to overcome barriers and get to the top hundred global ratings of world universities.
The heads of the delegations of participating universities of ATURC signed “Declaration of Cindao” and planned further actions. One of the most interesting projects is creation of student scientific satellite with the help of participating universities of ATURC.
Whereas one of the most scientific and innovative areas of Blue Silicon Valley is oceanology and ocean engineering, BMSTU, having the most powerful subdepartment in the area of researching and personnel training for designing control systems of deep water apparatus suggests to create joint researches in this field, including joint student creations. During the Summit a symbolic stone was solemnly established in the future base of the building of ATURC in Blue Silicon Valley in Cindao.
Multidisciplinary activity of ATURC, the results of the first two years of work, plans for the near future allow to consider that this new form of partnership between the universities of our states, between scientists and teachers, expanding exchange of students are right way for participation of universities of Russia and China in processes of globalization and internalization of education, increasing of its quality and development of scientific researches.


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