July 3, 2014

XIX International Space School started its work

XIX International Space School started its work


"What beautiful eyes you have!"  Anatoly Aleksandrov, BMSTU Rector, started his welcome address to the young fans of space with these words.

This year the students from the USA, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark came to Moscow. About 100 young people from different corners of the Earth will take part in the work of this unique school. Many of them were selected for this event. After all, they will have to work hard here. Knowledge, inventiveness and the ability to cooperate will be in great demand.

For two weeks the children will have to develop a complex space project, which, of course, isn’t destined to come true yet. However, the students will take into account all the possible working conditions of the hypothetic spacecraft in outer space. And who knows, maybe the ideas born now will spring to life!

Traditionally the program includes a visit to the Cosmonaut training center, the Museum of the Air Forces in Monino, JSC “Zvezda”, the Mission Control Center, the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

"Spend your time effectively here”, the head of the school Victoria Mayorova appealed for the students. – “You will be meeting with astronauts, test engineers, designers of space vehicles, flight directors. Ask more questions. You have a chance to learn more about this profession, to touch the unique experience of outstanding people ".

The dean of SM department Vladimir Kalugin and Advisor to the Rector Valentin Zelentsov addressed to the participants of the school. Valentin Zelentsov spoke about the grand challenges the young generation was going to tackle: to explore the Moon, Mars, to ensure the asteroid security. Vladimir Kalugin added: "Space projects are becoming more and more expensive, and they may be implemented through the international cooperation."

"I hope you’ll spend these days with interest and benefit. Make friends, learn, and collaborate! And then everything on our planet will be fine ", BMSTU Rector Anatoly Aleksandrov wished the school participants.


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