May 4, 2016

Memory of Generations

Memory of Generations

Every nation is unique not only by national traditions but also by holidays that unite everyone regardless of age and religion. Victory day is such a holiday for our country. It is symbolic that it arrives with the first leaves on the trees, the first warmth - the renewal of life opens up new horizons and dreams. The Great Patriotic War claimed the lives of the millions of people... We must remember the people who defended our freedom. That’s why on the threshold of Victory Day a sad music sounds at the courtyard in front of Slobodsky Palace...

University students, teachers, BMSTU veterans and leaders gathered at the meeting. They said that the University students and graduates were at frontlines and not only on the battlefields. During the war our scientists created the advanced military equipment and in times of peace they contributed to the revival of the country, space exploration and the creation of the nuclear industry.

The participants of the meeting laid wreaths and flowers at the monument to Bauman students and graduates who took part in the Great Patriotic War.


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