Research in the University

Research Institutes
RI Name Director Phone number
Moscow city code: 499
Interner resource
Igor N. Shiganov  (499)261-1753
(499)267-7130 (ph/fax)
Research Institute «Special Engineering» Vladimir N. Zimin (499)261-3614
Research Institute «Radiotronics and Laser Engineering» Nikolai  V. Barishnikov (499)263-6731  
Research Institute «Power-plant engineering» Vladimir I. Krilov (499)261-9113
Research Institute «Informatics and Control Systems» Vladimir V. Suzev (499)261-5402
Research Institute «Radio-electronic engineering» Gennadii P. Slukin  (499)267-7596
Research Institute «Production process automation» Sergei A. Voronov  (499)263-6111  
Research Institute «Biomedical engineering» Sergei I. Schukin (499)261-9951
Research Institute «Organizational and Economic Problems» Ludmila A. Silaeva (499)263-6311



Research and Research and educational сenters
Center Name Director Phone number
Moscow city code:499
Internet resource
Applied Robotics Special Design and Technological Bureau Alexandr F. Batanov  (499)267-0405  
Andrei E. Dubin (499)263-6065
Igor N. Spiridonov  (499)263-6791
Aleksei A. Maximov  (499)367-0636
Sergey G. Falko  (499)267-1784
Research and production center «Special engineering» Vladimir V. Korenkov  (499)263-6390
Training and Research center «Resource»      
Innovative Technology Center Andrei B. Borzov  (499)263-6860  
Innovative welding and diagnostics technology Center Nikolai P. Alyoshin  (499)261-4257  
Dual-use technology transfer Center Pyotr I. Volinets (499)263-6033  
Marketing Services Centre Sergey G. Falko (499)267-0049  
Centre «Robotic systems and complexes»      
Valeriy M. Bashkov (499)263-6531
Regional training and research center «Security» Mihail P. Sichev  (499)263-6792  
Research and academic center «Autodesk BMSTU» Valeriy O. Moskalenko (499)263-6585  
Research and academic center «Nanotechnology systems and nano-electronics» Vadim A. Shahnov  (499)263-6552  
Research and academic center «Physical education and sport – modern technology» Eduard I. Borisov  (499)263-2229  
Research and academic center «Nanoengineering» Vadim A. Shahnov  (499)263-6552  
Alexandr V. Baldin (499)263-6842
Vladimir A. Ovchinnikov (00)221-8401  http://xn----ptbner1a5c.xn--p1ai/
Valeriy E. Karasik Efimovich (499)263-6634
Vladimir A. Nelub (499)267-0063
Igor B. Fedorovich
Gregor E. Morfill
N.V. Adienko (499)263-6791
Research and academic Center «Cascade» Pyotr K. Kuzmik  (499)263-6444

Dmitrii O. Onishchenko (00)265-78-92
Research and academic center «Intellectual systems» Konstantin A. Neusypin    
Research and academic center «Supercomputer engineering modeling and development of program complexes» Yurii I. Dimitrienko  (499) 263-6445  
Vitalii L. Vlasov (499) 267-3134  
Andrey V. Proletarsky (499) 263-6074
Research and academic center «Center of additive technologies» Alexey Y. Shishov (499) 267-7130  


  1. Special education and rehabilitation technologies Laboratory
  2. Laboratory «Composite materials, components and structures mechanical and physical properties Research»
  3. Russia Technical Education Problems Laboratory
  4. Scientific and testing laboratory «BMSTU test»
  5. Laboratory «Dynamic strength materials»
  6. Laboratory «Vibration testing»
  7. Laboratory «Machining»
  8. Laboratory «Process automation»
  9. Laboratory «Heat-insulating materials»
  10. Laboratory «Polymeric coatings»
  11. Laboratory «Manufacturing technology»
  12. Laboratory «Automatic control systems»
  13. Laboratory «Micromechanics and micro robotic technology»
  14. Materials mechanical tests Laboratory
  15. Laboratory «Student Design Bureau»
  16. Composite Materials Laboratory
  17. Programming Laboratory
  18. Laboratory «Gas turbines and combined engines»
  19. Laboratory «Space closed-cycle gas turbine power plant»
  20. Laboratory «Heat and Mass Transfer and Thermomechanics»
  21. Laboratory «Thermal power plants Control systems»
  22. Laboratory «Refrigeration and cryogenic systems»
  23. Laboratory «Hydromachines»
  24. Laboratory «Electric propulsion and power systems»
  25. Laboratory «Ion-plasma technology»
  26. Laboratory «Radiation plasma systems and technologies»
  27. Laboratory «Microplasma gas-discharge plants and technologies»
  28. Laboratory «Combined porous mesh materials»
  29. Laboratory «Polydisperse systems Filtering process»
  30. Laboratory «Environmental protection»
  31. Network technologies Laboratory
  32. Security equipment Laboratory
  33. Technical systems processes simulation Laboratory
  34. Information Technologies Laboratory
  35. Scientific and Research Laboratory (SRL)
  36. Scientific creativity techniques and psychology academic and research laboratory




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